Tax Sale

The 2018 Tax Sale will be held in early December.


  • This is the annual sale of Tax Title Liens for delinquent taxes for the Village of Ridgefield Park.
  • Bids will be accepted from all responsible parties.  Bids are to be received in percentages starting at 18% per annum and work downward to 0%.  All bids are to be in full percentage points only.  Should the bid reach 0% premium, bids will start at $100 and increase in $100 increments.
  • Winning bidder will be asked to confirm their name.


  • There are no properties with prior liens.  There are no Utility liens.  There is no 6% year end penalty.
  • Items not bid on will be sold and struck to the Village at 18%.
  • After all properties have been announced and offered for sale, the sale will be adjourned until all funds have been received and deposited in our bank pending collection.
  • The Tax Collector has the right to adjourn the sale of any individual piece of property from day to day or from week to week in accordance with New Jersey Statutes.
  • Order shall be maintained throughout the proceedings.  The Tax Collector has the right to have removed from this room any person or persons who are, in the collector's opinion, disruptive or unable to comply with the directions pertaining to the conduct of the sale.  Anyone deemed to be disturbing this proceeding will be removed at the discretion of the Tax Collector.
  • The sale will be recessed until the close of the business today for any properties that are purchased, and the buyer has not made satisfactory settlement.


  • Successful bidders will proceed to the Tax Office on the second floor (the bidding will be held on the third floor) for settlement.  Successful bidders will have the opportunity to go to their bank or financial institution to obtain funds.
  • Payment must be in guaranteed funds, Certified Check, Money Order, or Cash


  • Call the office at 201-641-4950 ext. 103 for the latest listing.
  • Preregistration is not required, bring all documentation the day of the sale.
  • If there are any questions, please ask them now.