Shade Tree Commission

15 Reasons Why We Should Plant Trees

  1. Trees store carbon and clean the atmo­sphere. In 50 years, one tree generates $30,000 in oxygen, recycles $35,000 of water, and removes $60,000 of air pollution.
  2. Tree shade reduces air conditioning costs in residential and commercial buildings by 15 - 50 percent. Do you need a tree planted to the South or West of your house?
  3. Properly placed and cared for trees and shrubs significantly increase residential and commercial property values. Would you like a new tree for your property?
  4. Trees provide habitat for a large vari­ety of wildlife. Do you like bird songs?
  5. Trees connect us with nature and rein­force spiritual and cultural values.
  6. Trees prevent or reduce water pollu­tion in NJ’s streams, rivers, dams, and estuaries.
  7. Trees prevent or reduce soil erosion.
  8. Trees help recharge ground water and sustain stream flow.
  9. Properly placed screens of trees and shrubs decrease traffic noise along NJ’s busy streets and highways. Do you have a site that needs a tree along Rt. 46?
  10. Trees screen unsightly views and provide privacy for NJ homeowners.
  11. Trees make life more pleasant by softening harsh outlines of buildings.
  12. Trees add beauty and grace to any community setting. They make life more enjoyable, peaceful, and relaxing. Do you enjoy walking through Ridgefield Park?
  13. Research shows that trees help reduce stress in the workplace and speed hospital patients’ recovery. Do you hear the sighs of relief on NYC buses as they reach RP?
  14. Trees provide a multitude of recreation opportunities.
  15. Trees, planted as memorials, leave a valuable gift for future generations.