All Municipalities in the country must have an Emergency Operations Plan, which is the responsibility of the local Emergency Management Coordinator. This plan details all types of emergencies and the responsibilities of all local Emergency Services during a declared state of emergencies. This plan must be updated every four (4) years and approved by the State of New Jersey. The Village Emergency Operations Plan was completely revised in 2001 and was approved by the State and placed in service in August of 2001. After the disastrous events of September 11, 2001, the State requested all local OEM’s to prepare and submit for approval, a Terrorism Plan for their community. The Village now has a "Terrorism Annex" included in the Emergency Operations Plan, which now consists of 704 pages.

The annex details the responsibilities of all Emergency Services during a terrorism incident, sets up and Emergency Management Command Post, and details what outside services should be called.

A terrorism incident is a Law Enforcement function and therefore, the Village Police Department is the lead agency in any response to such an incident. OEM will coordinate all involved agencies.

The Village Emergency Services are Dedicated to the Protection of Our Village Residents and Business Community.