About Us

Commission Members: Five regular and two alternate members. Terms are one to four years for regular members and one to two years for alternate members. The chairman is Jeff Hoffman.

Mission: To review and oversee changes in the architectural appearance of buildings within the Village's Central Business District; and to assure that the appearances of these structures, and the district as a whole, is preserved and enhanced.

District: The Village's Central Business District is roughly along Main Street from Summit Street to the Post Office at Pine Street and along Mount Vernon Street from Herbert Street to near Bergen Avenue. Some side street sections, such as along Spruce Street are also within the district.

Statement: The buildings and architectural appearance of our business district possesses a certain character upon which we would like to preserve and improve. Architectural Guidelines have been prepared for reference when properties or businesses decide to make changes affecting the facades of the buildings in the district. The commission reviews applications for all proposed changes within the district using these established Guidelines. Similar guidelines and reviews have been in effect in numerous downtown districts throughout the State, with results that have seen significant improvement to economic growth and property values.

Who Must Apply: Anyone who is altering, renovating, or otherwise changing the exterior of a building or property within the district must apply before the Historic Commission. Work may include, but not be limited to, signs, awnings, lights, storefronts, sidewalks and painting. It is incumbent upon all property owners within the district to advise potential tenants that they must apply for approval from the Commission for any changes to the exterior of the building, including the space immediately inside a glass storefront. It should also be noted that, where building exteriors are deteriorating or are in need of maintenance, approvals may be granted contingent upon the building owner making necessary improvements.

What to Submit: Though the application identifies specific requirements, generally necessary are; an application fee of $60.00 (as of January 1, 2008) payable to the Village of Ridgefield Park; a description of the proposed work; a scaled drawing of same with an elevation of the building; samples of exact colors and materials proposed to be used; a photograph of the existing building where affected by the proposed work. It is recommended the applicant be present with the building owner at the time of the hearing to answer any questions regarding the application.