Sustainable Ridgefield Park

Village is Certified by Sustainable Jersey
at the Silver-Level

RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ – Sustainable Jersey representatives announced that the Village of Ridgefield Park has met the rigorous requirements to achieve Sustainable Jersey certification at the silver-level. Ridgefield Park is one of 81 municipalities that have attained certification in 2022. The certified towns were announced at the Sustainable Jersey Annual Luncheon on November 15, 2022 in Atlantic City at the New Jersey State League of Municipalities Conference. Sustainable Jersey's participating communities represent over 82% of the state's municipalities.

Representing the Village of Ridgefield Park at the Sustainable Jersey Annual Luncheon were Mark Olson, Village of Ridgefield Park Commissioner, Leslie Olson, Chair of Sustainable Ridgefield Park and Janet Malool, Chair Emeritus of Sustainable Ridgefield Park.  They were joined by Randall Solomon, Executive Director, Sustainable Jersey and  Gary Sondermeyer, Chairperson, Sustainable Jersey Board of Trustees during the presentation of the Sustainable Jersey Silver Certification presentation.

"Those who can, do, while those who can do more, volunteer," said  Leslie Olson, Sustainable Ridgefield Park Chair. "Our Sustainable Ridgefield Park team continues to help make things better for the community. Whether it's a Health Fair, Clothing Swap, Hard Plastic Recycling or just an article in the newsletter about what you can do to make your life a bit more sustainable. We thank our community, municipal groups and volunteer organizations for their ongoing support, commitment and efforts needed in making Ridgefield Park a greener community." 

To become Sustainable Jersey certified at the silver-level, Ridgefield Park submitted documentation to show it had completed a balance of the required sustainability actions, meeting a minimum of 350 action points. In addition to reaching 350 points, each community had to create a green team and select at least three out of fourteen priority action options .Ridgefield Park did three of the fourteen priority actions: energy tracking & management, green business recognition program and prescription drug safety and disposal.

“The Sustainable Jersey certified municipalities demonstrate sustainability excellence. The annual awards event is a celebration of their accomplishments,” said Randall Solomon, director of Sustainable Jersey. “As New Jersey faces issues such as the climate crisis, a growing equity divide and environmental pollution, the certified towns exemplify the commitment we need to accelerate the transition to a sustainable New Jersey.” Certified towns excelled in areas such as improving energy efficiency, health and wellness, reducing waste, sustaining local economies, protecting natural resources and advancing the arts.

About the Village of Ridgefield Park
Formed as a village on June 15, 1892, Ridgefield Park is one of only four with a village type of government in New Jersey, and operates a Walsh Act (city commission) form of government. The 2020 Census counted 13,235 people and 4,795 households in the village.

About Sustainable Jersey
Sustainable Jersey provides tools, training and financial incentives to support communities as they pursue sustainability programs. Sustainable Jersey participants (municipalities and schools) have successfully implemented and documented over 23,467 sustainability actions. Sustainable Jersey has provided over $7.2 million in grants to municipalities, school districts and schools for community-based projects that create healthy and sustainable communities in New Jersey.

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Sustainable Ridgefield Park

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