RP Community Asset Mapping Project

Community Asset Mapping provides a collective inventory of the positive and valued aspects of a community, including places, institutions, programs, and people. In doing so, it also provides the foundation for assessing gaps and making improvements. Asset mapping is a positive (and enjoyable) approach to learning about a community. It begins to answer the question “Where are we now?” and helps community members to think positively about the place in which they live and work. It also challenges residents to recognize how other people see and experience the same community. This process fosters civic participation and can be a great way to engage students in their community. By identifying community assets, communities can better understand how to build on these important community resources to sustain and enhance future generations.

Community Asset Mapping is most successful when all parts of the community are engaged in organizing and leading the process. The  Ridgefield Park Green Team is is in the process of reaching out to elected officials, municipal staff, board and commission members, as well as schools, civic and faith-based organizations, nonprofit groups, and business associations for representatives to serve on the Asset Mapping Committee.

If you are interested in serving on this committee, just reach out to the Ridgefield Park Green Team at [email protected]. To learn more about Community Mapping click here. 

To view a draft of the Ridegefield Park Community Asset Map, please download the PDF file below.

PDF icon RP Community Assets103.71 KB