Family Emergency Preparedness

Every home and family should have an Emergency Preparedness Plan for every type of emergency or disaster.

The Village Office of Emergency Management has designed an Emergency Preparedness Booklet. If you do not have one, you may pick one up at the OEM Office during regular business hours. OEM is located at 50 Main Street.

Create a Family Plan for Your Family. Include two places for family members to meet if separated; two ways to evacuate your home, if required; teach children how and when to dial 911; have phone numbers available for out of area friends who can assist.
Store at Least Three Days of Emergency Supplies such as water, food, communications equipment, clothing and bedding, sanitary needs. Know where valuable papers are stored, such as social security cards, wills, bank books, insurance policies.
Pick Up Your Copy of our Planning Booklet which details all kinds of emergencies or download it here