Ambulance Corps

As of September 19, 2022 the Ridgefield Park Volunteer Ambulance Corps will temporarily be suspending normal operations.

There is no change in how you will call for an ambulance.  As before you just need to call 911.  Ridgefield Park is part of the MICCOM group, which means the nearest available ambulance in the county will be dispatched to you.

For the immediate future the Ambulance Corps will be concentrating on community outreach and other activities to increase the number of EMTs in the Ambulance Corps.  The goal of this temporary change is to rebuild and focus on training for new members who could potentially become EMTs.

During the pandemic EMT classes were suspended.  This led to a critical shortage of EMTs.  Many EMTs left the profession during or after the pandemic as well, which created more of a need for EMTs at the paid level, resulting in less being available for volunteer ambulance corps.

Many other ambulance corps around us have folded as a result of this critical shortage of EMTs.  We are undertaking this action so the same doesn’t happen to our Ambulance Corps.

If you are interested in being an EMT for our Ambulance Corps please contact us at: or email Chief Nagurka at [email protected]. If you know someone who might want to volunteer please have them contact us. We hope to be back serving the village in our full capacity soon. During this time we thank you all for your continued support.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Mark Olson Commissioner