Hackensack River Watershed

What is a watershed?
A watershed is an area of land that drains into a lake or river. As rainwater and melting snow run downhill, they carry sediment and other materials into our streams, lakes, wetlands, and ground water.

  • The Village of Ridgefield Park is surrounded by water on three sides. The Hackensack River borders the Village on the west and its tributary, Overpeck Creek, forms the town's southern and eastern boundaries.
  • The river and creek drain into water supply areas and also into the Atlantic Ocean via Newark Bay

Healthy Watersheds Are Vital for a Healthy Community, Environment and Economy:

  • Like most watersheds, the Hackensack Watershed provides water for drinking, irrigation, and industry.
  • Wildlife thrives in and around both the river and the creek. Mammals, birds and fish have been found along the river and creek. Recreational fishing is permitted but limited by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s "Guide to Health Advisory for Eating Fish & Crabs Caught in NJ".

What is happening to our local watershed?

The outlook for the Village's share of this vital watershed is hopeful due to the ongoing water quality improvement trends over the past three decades.

What Can I Do To Help?

Water pollution comes from many different sources and when it rains all these pollutants are washed down the storm drains, soak into the ground, and flow into the waterways causing damage.

  • Sources of Pollutants:
    Litter, oil and grease drippings from cars or trucks, fertilizers and pesticides applied to gardens and lawns, dog waste not properly disposed, mothballs, batteries, household cleaners, and antifreeze. Dumping garbage or anything else down storm drains pollutes our waterways.
  • Be Pro-Active, Be Concerned
    • Recycle   (Village Requirement)
    • Dispose of household products properly, if unsure, call the Village DPW at 201-440-4860
    • Order a copy of "The Clean Water Book: Lifestyle Choices to Protect Water Resources" which deals with potential sources of water pollution around the home and how to prevent them. Each copy of $4.00 for quantities of less than 12, $2.00 for quantities over 12.
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