Businesses in Ridgefield Park Go Green

Latest Additions to Ridgefield Park’s Green Business Program

Congratulations to the owners of Baked Meringue, Betsy’s Bagels and The Brownie Bar Cafe for becoming the latest participants in the Ridgefield Park Green Business Recognition Program. Any business can apply. Any resident can nominate a business and its free.

The program is designed to encourage local business owners to employ green practices in their businesses. Making their business more sustainable means they look at what they do and how it impacts the environment. They know that even small changes can make a big difference. From recycling to hiring local to sustainable packaging and being styrofoam free, they are proof that attention to some very simple things can make a difference.

Stop in today and congratulate the new additions to our Green Business Recognition Program:

Baked MeringueBetsy’s BagelsThe Brownie Bar Cafe
67 Ridgefield Avenue192 Main Street423 Main Street

For more information email [email protected]