Report Airplane Noise

Have you noticed a dramatic increase in the number of planes cutting across Ridgefield Park on their way Teterboro Airport? Or the number of planes departing from Newark Liberty International Airport that are now also flying over Ridgefield Park?

The pilots flying in to Teterboro Airport are advised to use specific flight paths on their way in to the airport. None of these flight paths fly across Ridgefield Park. Lately, there have been an increasing number of planes that ignore this and fly quite low and directly across our Village ignoring the specified flight paths. This includes propeller planes which have begun flying across town.

There are noise complaint lines for us to call in these problems. The airport keeps a record of how many calls are received and by what towns. Ridgefield Park has virtually no complaints so the airport officials believe there is no problem. We strongly urge you to use the numbers listed below to report abuses as soon as they occur. This enables the airport to track which planes are in violation.

Teterboro Airport's Noise Abatement & Environmental Compliance Manager, Dennis O'Connor, has written a few articles, a copy of one you'll find here, in pilot specific magazines reminding the pilots where the paths are and to use them. 

Now that the FAA has redesigned its airspace, the planes departing Newark Liberty International Airport are creating great disturbances as well, which we're sure you've noticed.

Below you will find phone numbers for the complaint lines to both airports. Please cut them out and keep them next to your phone. When you are disturbed by a plane that you think may be too low, or too loud or approaching Teterboro Airport by flying directly over Ridgefield Park, call the hotline number and register a complaint immediately. IF NO COMPLAINTS ARE MADE, IT IS ASSUMED BY THE AIRPORT THAT THERE IS NO PROBLEM! So please use these numbers, this situation impacts the health and safety of us all.

For your information, Teterboro Airport is one of the state's SMALLEST airports but has the sixth-highest number in the NATION for the number of “SERIOUS CLOSE CALLS” ON IT'S RUNWAYS from 2000 to 2007!



A great website to check is, The NJ Coalition Against Airport Noise. You'll find lots of helpful information there.

Download article. Credit: Professional Pilot Magazine, Dennis O'Connor, Comm-Inst/CFII. Formatted for the site by Madelaine Cappuccio.