Sidewalk Repair Program


  • The Property Owner completes and signs the Sidewalk Repair Program Request Form and delivers it to the Ridgefield Park Shade Tree Commission (RPSTC) at the Village Clerk's Office.
  • A Shade Tree Commission Member will inspect the site and designate what repairs are reimbursable (i.e. caused by Village shade trees).
  • The RPSTC Member will leave the authorization/reimbursement form and instructions with the Homeowner.
  • The Homeowner is responsible for contacting a contractor who has been approved by the Shade Tree Commission to schedule the repairs. Homeowners may use the approved contractor for additional sidewalk repairs at the negotiated rate; however, the Village will reimburse homeowners only for damage to sidewalks caused by Village shade trees. All reimbursable work must be pre approved by a member of the RPSTC. All additional repairs are the responsibility of the Homeowner.
  • Once the contractor has completed the repairs, the Homeowner is responsible for payment to the contractor. A copy of the paid invoices should be submitted to the RPSTC at the Village Clerk's Office.
  • A RPSTC Member will review and inspect the repairs and submit a payment voucher to the Village Board of Commissioners.
  • The Village Board of Commissioners will approve payment to the Homeowner. Please allow approximately six weeks for payment following submission of invoices.

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