UPDATE - NJ Transit Planned Bus Garage...

UPDATE – NJ Transit Bus Garage & Maintenance Facility in Ridgefield Park

The Board of Commissioners need your help!

Despite all our efforts in the courts and with state officials, NJ Transit has completed their first eminent domain acquisition of one of the properties in the Skymark Redevelopment area.  Click on this LINK to read our press release detailing our opposition to the proposed NJ Transit 500 bus garage & maintennance facility to be built in our Vilage.

There is some promising news… last week Mayor Anlian had a one-on-one conversation with Gov. Phil Murphy who agreed to have his staff look into our concerns.  The Board of Commissioners are unaminously agaist the building of this garage in Ridgefield Park and will continue to provide Village residents with any additional information as we receive it.

Here is where we could use the help of our Village residents.  To demonstrate our opposition to NJ Transit building this bus garage in Ridgefield Park, we need your assistance in obtaining signatures on our petition that will be forwarded to the Governor in the next few weeks.

Click HERE for a link to our petition on the change.org website.  Please spread the word to your friends and family to sign the petition… even if they do not live in Ridgefield Park.  A garage for 500 buses will have a devastating effect on not only Ridgefield Park, but all our neighboring towns as well.

Thank you for your support.