Important COVID-19 Related Public Information From SUEZ

From Suez Water:

Important COVID-19 related public information from SUEZ.

As the current public health crisis touches the communities served by SUEZ in New Jersey, company officials are ensuring that drinking water safety and uninterrupted service remain top priorities.

SUEZ has activated comprehensive plans to ensure that service continues despite the crisis.  The company has personnel and precautionary procedures in place at treatment plants and will continue rigorous treatment and testing protocols.  Crews will continue to respond to any emergencies in the field.  In addition, the company is monitoring state and national advisories regarding COVID-19 and following guidance from the CDC and local health and emergency response agencies.

  • SUEZ will ensure no customer's water is shut off during this crisis, unless there is a water main break, or similar emergency.
  • Anyone who has received notice that, due to account arrears, their water may be shut off, should disregard that notification.  SUEZ is overriding this pre-programmed online notification.
  • With our offices closed to the general public, customers who traditionally pay bills in person are requested to use our website at or pay by mail.  To pay-by-phone, customers may call 888-608-6690 or utilize a third-party payment location.
  • SUEZ is suspending all customer field service appointments, including in-person meter readings and any installation of automatic meters, until further notice.
  • Field staff will only perform emergency or critical work.
  • SUEZ recognizes the critical importance of having water available at the nearest tap is heightened during this crisis as washing hands often is one of the most important things one can do to ensure individual health and public safety.

SUEZ will continue to apply every available resource during this public health crisis to ensure it meets the needs of its customers and the regions we serve.