2017 Holiday Display Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Holiday Display contest.  Here is the list of winners:

286 Teaneck Road               Business
122 Euclid Avenue               Grand Prize Winner
120 Hazelton Street             First Place
567 Teaneck Road               Second Place
105 Orchard Street              Third Place
44 Union Place                    Fourth Place
326 Teaneck Road               Honorable Mention
22 Overpeck Avenue           Honorable Mention
20 Highland Place               Honorable Mention
19 Roosevelt Avenue          Honorable Mention
265 Main Street                   Honorable Mention
31 Austin Street                   Honorable Mention
97 Edwin Street                   Honorable Mention
34 Teaneck Road                Honorable Mention
116 Union Place                  Honorable Mention
22 Teaneck Road                Honorable Mention