2021 Grand Marshal Bio

Gerard Garofalow

Mr. Garofalow is a 2nd generation, lifelong resident of the Village. As an employee of the Village, Gerard functioned as head of the Building Department for 29 years and is a retired building inspector. Gerard served in the United Stated Marine Corps and was honorably discharged.

Gerard continues to be a participant in the civic life of the Village, serving on many organizations and projects:
 Active member of the Planning Board for 47 years
 American Legion – 29 years
 Rotary Club; member for 10 years (past president)
 Historical Commission, vice-chairman
 Fire Dept. monument on Euclid and Cedar Streets
 Press box at Veteran’s Park
 Pavilion in Veteran’s Park and Brewster Park
 Vietnam Monument (master-of-ceremonies) dedication
 Monument at Fellowship Park
 9/11 Monument on Euclid Avenue
 McGowan Park gazebo and sculpture

Mr. Garofalow is the oldest active fireman in the Village with 59 years of service with Hook and Ladder #2. Gerard’s parents served as Grand Marshals of the 1989 Ridgefield Park Civic Parade while Gerard was Fire Chief of the Ridgefield Park Fire Department.

Gerard has 8 children, 20 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren.

Congratulations to our 2021 Grand Marshall !!