Ridgefield Park Fire Department
Westview Hose Company Number Three

Skunk Mascot

1994 E-One Hush 1500 GPM Pumper with Rear Mounted Engine

Westview Hose Company Number 3
Radio Designation: 533

Location: Hackensack Avenue

Captain: Richard Pickett
1st Lt.: Sean Byrnes
2nd Lt: Donald Jump

On April 3, 1906, the Westview Hose Company Number 3 was organized to serve the northwest section of the Village. In May, the Village Trustees officially accepted the company and in that same month, for the sum of $100.00, a hose carriage, 400 feet of rubber hose, and 100 feet of cotton hose were purchased. The hose carriage was dragged to the Village from the Staten Island by the members. On July 4, 1911, the company's present 2-story firehouse on Hackensack Avenue was officially opened.

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