Ridgefield Park Fire Department
Hazelton Heights Hook & Ladder
Company Number Two

1995 Seagrave RA-100 Rear-mount Aerial
with 10-man enclosed cab

War Wagon Graphic on Truck

Hazelton Heights Hook & Ladder Co. No. 2
Radio Designation: 536

Location: Hazelton Street

Captain: John Antola Jr.
1st Lt.: Sean Rodreguez
2nd Lt: William Lynn

By 1910, virtually all of the farms in Ridgefield Park were gone, one of the last being the Hazelton Farms in the northeast section. The area was growing rapidly and a disastrous fire on Edwin Street on October 1, 1910 destroyed two homes and a barn. Several meetings were quickly held and on October 10 the Hazelton Heights Fire Company Number 4 was incorporated and accepted by the Village. The Westview Hose Company presented the Hazelton Heights Company with it's first apparatus, a hand drawn hose jumper and 500 feet of hose. This apparatus was housed in a bungalow on Hazelton Street and eventually moved across the street in 1912 where it still is housed. In May of 1912, a hand drawn Hook & Ladder was acquired and converted to a horse drawn apparatus. The company was thereafter known as Hook & Ladder Company Number 2.

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